In a process that has engaged her since the death of her dear husband, Franco, Gwen has tried to capture her experience of widowhood. Gwen's book, Learning to Be a Widow, is a collection of essays she has written — some published before, some new — as part of that process.

Also in the works is a collection of essays about her experiences in Europe, starting with her years in Paris in the 50’s and continuing through the travails of child-rearing in Italy’s south and the joys and tribulations of being an American living in the Trastevere section of Rome during the 70’s. 

She has always been a writer. Even while she was practicing law, raising children, traveling the world, she filled her filing cabinets with pieces She had to get down on paper. Some have found public expression, some sit silently in their folders. Here are a few that have seen daylight:


On Widowhood:

Pieces included in the upcoming Learning to Be a Widow:

Learning to Be a Widow

What's Left Behind

An Empty Space

Admit One

Filippello Park


Food & Travel in Italy:

Flavors of Old Rome

In Emilia-Romagna, Music and Food in Concert

Making Tracks in Le Marche 

Tragedy Reforges a Bond Lost to the Past in a Onetime Home


Franco, of course, wrote many books of his own on his home country and its cuisine.  You can find them here: 

Romagnoli Books